Tanzanite - The Birthstone for December

by Lapigems Gem Company 4. December 2014 20:18


Tanzanite has become very popular despite its recent discovery - so much so that it joined the league of turquoise and zircon as the December birthstone in 2002. This was no mean feat since the list had not been changed since 1912. Tanzanite was thus the first gem to be added to the birthstone list in 100 years.

Tanzanite is said to have been stumbled upon in 1967 by a Maasai tribesman who shared the crystal he had discovered with a prospector by the name of Manuel de Souza. No one knew what the stone really was and hence first speculated to be an unusually vivid and richly colored sapphire. However, it was soon discovered that the stone was more intricate and its colors more vibrant than the latter.

The stone was christened Tanzanite after its country of origin, Tanzania, in 1968 by Harry Platt, president of Tiffany and Co. who described it as “the most beautiful stone to be discovered in 2000 years.”

Tanzanite was categorized after the sapphire as the second favorite colored gemstone in the USA in 2001. While people initially bought it as a substitute for the sapphire since it was cheaper, its demand has skyrocketed in recent years as people began to value it more for its own sparkle, beauty, extreme rarity and the magic of its origins. 

Tanzanite is seen as the ultimate birthstone that represents new life. This comes from the affinity of the Maasai community with the color blue which they regard as healing, sacred and representing new life. It is therefore the perfect gift for new beginnings or celebration of a new life. If you were fortunate enough to be born in December you are one of the lucky few with this magnificent gemstone as your birthstone.

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Celebrities and Tanzanite

by Lapigems Gem Company 21. September 2014 21:27
A brief look at celebrities and their Tanzanites


Tanzanite has become the darling gemstone of celebrities in recent years.  High profile events in the movie world have seen a kaleidescope of fine Tanzanites being paraded by well known faces along the red carpet. This article takes a look at some of the most famous Tanzanites to grace the silver screen.

Image source: hollywoodlife.com

Beyonce was spotted wearing a blue tanzanite, with speculations that it was inspired by the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy and was a gift from the husband Jay Z. The ring, boasts a 10+ carat cushion cut Tanzanite of the finest color. Lapigems has recently cut a similar caliber stone a  marvelous 12.94 carat cushion cut Tanzanite

Image source: tanzanitefoundation.org

"The Heart of the Ocean" in the acclaimed movie Titanic, is another beautiful stone that is rumored to have been a Tanzanite. The blockbuster movie of 1997 revolved around the gem. The wonderful stone was set into a spectacular necklace. In one of the scenes, the lead character, Rose (Kate Winslet) requested Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) to paint her whilst wearing only the gem. Certainly a unique way of promoting Tanzanite still unmatched!

In the movie, the Heart of the Ocean was depicted as a blue Diamond. However, in reality, blue diamonds do not possess such a deep blue saturation and the stone was actually a 28 carat heart shaped Tanzanite almost identical to this superb piece we have recently cut.

Image source: tanzanitefoundation.org

In a past Oscar award ceremony, Anne Hathaway looked dashing with Tanzanite and diamond earrings and a custom satin dress by Giorgio Armani.

Image source:tanzanitefoundation.org

Cate Blanchett was spotted wearing a tanzanite and diamond necklace in the 2011 Oscars.


Image source: eddielevian.blogspot.com

Wendi McLendon-Covey, star of the ABC series "The Goldbergs"  looked glamorous with a Blueberry Tanzanite Necklace by Le Vian in the 17th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (CCMAs) where she was nominated for Best Actress.

Image source: tanzanitefoundation.org

Sarah Jessica Parker, the doyenne of New York's social scene was recently spotted wearing a round Tanzanite and diamond pendant paired with a beautiful Tanzanite ring at the 2013 Tiffany and Co Blue Book collection. Tanzanite was actually named by Harry Platt, the president of Tiffany and Co in the late 1960’s. For the first ten years of mining, Tiffany’s had exclusive rights to Tanzanite and Sarah Jessica Parker looks very comfortable adorned in their latest creations.


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New Custom Tanzanite Collection at Hemingways

by Lapigems Gem Company 9. July 2013 05:27
New Sheelagh Zagoritis hallmarked jewelry collection at 6 star hotel HEMINGWAYS in Nairobi.


Sheelagh Zagoritis and Lapigems have been asked to design a collection of fine Tanzanite jewelry for a newly opened 6-star hotel here in Nairobi, Hemingways www.hemingways-nairobi.com . The hotel is the latest property in the Hemingways Collection which is a very well known luxury brand in the region.


The collection was launched last week and is now available directly in the Hemingways Luxury Boutique in the hotel foyer. Discerning visitors to Kenya will now be treated to the very finest Tanzanite and hand made custom-designed Tanzanite jewelry  mine-direct courtesy of the new collection. Lapigems Gem Company’s reputation for quality and specialization in the very finest, rarest 1% of Tanzanite mined and Sheelagh’s renown as a designer were what Hemingways were looking for when they decided to offer their discerning clients the very best in African gems. We were very proud to be asked to be part of this new and exciting venture.   

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