2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection

2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection

2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection

2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite CollectionGet More Info
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What some of our past clients said :

"I wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery and oversight of my order. I wanted to order a nice heirloom quality tanzanite for each of my 5 daughters. I have a few nice pieces of tanzanite I have acquired over the years, or so I thought. Boy are my existing pieces of Tanzanite pale in color compared to a AAA Tanzanite.  Now that I have seen what a AAA quality tanzanite is, I have my eye on the bigger beautiful pieces of Tanzanite that you have to offer. Also, one of the pieces I ordered was a bright green fancy tanzanite. I had never heard of the different rare colors of tanzanite. I am substituting the bright green tanzanite for my daughter's birthstone of Peridot, which I don't like at all. I am considering a choice piece of Tsavorite for the other daughter who also has an August birthday. Finally, the Malaia Garnets I purchased for myself are gorgeous and will make a beautiful bracelet. The bright orange color is spectacular. There should be just enough stones left to also create a nice pair of dangling earrings and maybe a small pendant.    I will not hesitate to purchase other heirloom pieces from your company. Thank you again."

Angie Giordano, Elk Grove, California

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2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection


Green, Yellow, Orange & Pink Tanzanite

2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection

Rare Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink Tanzanite

Tanzanite is one of the world's best loved and most renowned gemstones. Its incredible rarity and beauty have given it a meteoric rise up the ranks in the gemstone kingdom.

One of the best kept secrets of the Tanzanite trade is the incredibly rare occurence of fancy color Tanzanites that are occasionally discovered. Some people have heard of green Tanzanite but the wonders of oranges, yellows and the very rare pinks are not known to most people. Their very rarity and the fact that they are so seldom found have made them the preserve of collectors and Tanzanite enthusiasts who are well informed.

Lapigems Gem Company has recently managed to obtain a large proportion of the very rare fancy colors that are being produced, using our extensive network of miners and dealers developed over 30 years in the business. We are proud to be able to offer a mouthwatering selection of these previously unobtainable, exceptionally rare gemstones. We believe we have a virtual monopoly on these rare pieces as we have contracted to buy all production from the area in which they are found. We invite you to make use of our enviable position in the worldwide supply chain to obtain these incredibly rare pieces.

If you are buying Tanzanite as an investment, or simply because you love this wonderful gemstone, your collection cannot be complete without one of these unique cousins to the traditional blue. Pink Tanzanite, Green Tanzanite, Orange Tanzanite and Yellow Tanzanite will add depth to your investment collection

2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection
2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection OUR PRIVATE FANCY TANZANITE COLLECTION

Our Fancy Tanzanite Collection consists of the very finest quality stones. We specialize in truly fine pieces and being based at the source, we use 30+ years as specialists in this field to bring you an unparalleled collection of exquisite fine Fancy Tanzanites.

   Below 1 Carat to 1.5 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection

   1.5 - 2 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection

   2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection

   3+ Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection

2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection


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2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection
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2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection

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2 - 3 Carat Fancy Tanzanite Collection


Fancy Tanzanite Jewelry

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