fancy tanzanite gem stone - your private piece of Mt Kilimanjaro.

As with its blue cousin, Fancy color Tanzanites are 6.5 on the Mohs Scale and as such are relatively soft as gemstones go. It should be treated with respect. It is not a gem that should break easily but due to its relatively low score on the Mohs Scale it can scratch more easily than other gems. To clean it, do not use an ultrasonic cleaner or steam cleaner often found in jewelers. The best method is simply to use a toothbrush and warm, soapy water. Similarly, when setting your Fancy Tanzanite your jeweler should realize that he should be careful and not use undue levels of heat.








The economics of the Tanzanite market as a whole point towards the likelihood of the gemstone being a good investment stone. Rising prices due to steadily increasing demand and rapidly shrinking supply in the world’s only source underpin the economic fundamentals of the “Tanzanite as a good investment mantra”. We tend to feel that there is a distinct possibility of prices going very high, especially once the only source is mined out. Other gemstones such as Paraiba Tourmaline (prices for fine pieces can now reach $20,000 per carat) which have had a similar history and have been virtually mined out can illustrate this phenomenon. In terms of Fancy color Tanzanites, our opinion is that they are such rare pieces, even now, that once the gem is no longer mined, they too will command a dizzy height in the gemstone kingdom and their prices should correspond. An investment collection of AAA Tanzanite would significantly gain in depth if it included a few top fancy color pieces too.

fancy tanzanite gem stone - your private piece of Mt Kilimanjaro.

fancy tanzanite gem stone - your private piece of Mt Kilimanjaro.
Green, Yellow, Orange & Pink Tanzanite

When Tanzanite was discovered in 1967, its striking blue violet color mesmerized the world and caused Tiffany’s president to describe it as “..the most important gemstone discovery in 2000 years”. At that time, he was referring to the wonderful blue Tanzanites that have become such a household name in the past 30 years. However, more recently, as the mines have gone deeper, extremely rare pieces of Tanzanite were discovered that boasted an array of other colors. Pink Tanzanite, Orange Tanzanite, Green Tanzanite and Yellow Tanzanite crystals were found, much to the excitement of collectors and Tanzanite enthusiasts. These rare and exciting pieces have been found very sporadically and very seldom and we at Lapigems Gem Company have made it a focal point of our Tanzanite buying to seek out these collectors investment pieces and to make them available to all.

fancy tanzanite gem stone - your private piece of Mt Kilimanjaro.


Tanzanite is actually a Blue Zoisite – its variety name is Tanzanite but it belongs to the Zoisite species. Vanadium inside gem Zoisite crystals make them look blue/violet to the human eye and this variety is called Tanzanite. Gem Zoisite crystals with other minerals inside, say Manganese or iron, cause the human eye to see other colors and these are referred to as Fancy Tanzanites. So in short, blue/violet Tanzanite is colored by Vanadium whilst other colors of Zoisite, known as Fancy Tanzanite are colored by other minerals. There is no other difference and Fancy Tanzanite displays the same amazing trichroic properties as blue/violet Tanzanite and has exactly the same physical and chemical properties. It is even rarer than the blue/violet Tanzanite too and all in all, is a very special gemstone.

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fancy tanzanite gem stone - your private piece of Mt Kilimanjaro.BUY FINE FANCY TANZANITE GEM STONES AND BROWSE OUR PRIVATE FANCY TANZANITE COLLECTION

fancy tanzanite gem stone - your private piece of Mt Kilimanjaro.
fancy tanzanite gem stone - your private piece of Mt Kilimanjaro. PLEOCHROISM IN FANCY TANZANITES

One of the most exciting qualities about Tanzanite of all colors is its amazing pleochroism. Tanzanite is one of the only Trichroic gemstones known to man and as such, it radiates 3 different colors depending on which axis you look at. In the more familiar blue variety, stones exhibit blue, violet and reddish orange but in fancy colors the trichroism is as follows:

PINK : Pink, Green, Orange

GREEN : Green, Violet, bluish-green

YELLOW : Yellow, Violet, Greenish-yellow

ORANGE : Orange, Green, Violet

To see trichroism gemologists use a tool called a Dichroscope which incorporates a piece of Calcite (a mineral renowned for its doubling) inside a tube. When held against a gemstone and to a lightsource, the calcite windows display the pleochroism present on that axis. Fancy Color Tanzanites usually have wonderful pleochroism and a dichroscope can open up a whole new world within it.

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