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Log of TSVC868 on completion of cutting
Cut Shape : Cushion


Video Log of TSVC868 on completion of cutting

Log of TSVC868 in its rough state

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ID # TSVC868

Geological History

Tsavorite is an ancient gemstone. It was formed before even the dinosaurs walked the earth and was already old when the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain was in its infancy. When you consider that this particular piece of nature is as old as it is, you begin to understand the incredible history behind it.

It began life over a billion years ago in what is now a very dry and dusty part of Africa dotted with thorn and acacia trees. This area is called Taita and is adjacent to the Tsavo wild game reserve, one of Africa’s largest, from which it derives its name. The scientific process by which it formed is known as “metamorphism”.

As magma pushed its way up through the existing rock the contact between the invading magma and the older rock caused a change to occur in the bedrock. The intense heat (as high as, and exceeding 750 degrees centigrade (about 1,530 degrees Fahrenheit) made the nearby minerals recrystallize into minerals stable at the higher temperature. This Tsavorite was one of these. The prevailing conditions of pressure and heat remained constant through the ages and this what made it possible for Tsavorite to form.

As the rock folded, many of the crystals were crushed, as is the case with most Tsavorite due to the very volatile geological conditions particular to its formation. This particular piece remained a fairly large size which is unusual – most Tsavorite crystals are crushed down to chippings. They generally form in gneisses or “potatoes” as they are known amongst the mining community. These are balls of hollow host rock with Tsavorite crystals forming in the hollow space. This crystal was most likely one of the lucky ones that escaped the crushing action of the folding rock in an intact potato.

It was carefully extracted from its home of aeons by miners using delicate chiseling tools. It made its way through a network of mine brokers who ferried it to Nairobi. The brokers brought it to their assigned office at Lapigems Gem Company. Here it was identified as a fine, rare Tsavorite crystal using sophisticated gemological equipment. It was bought and the long and delicate process of cutting it began.

Our master cutters have over 30 years of cutting experience each and take great pride in cutting the best shape and style to capture the beauty of each piece. This wonderful Tsavorite is no exception and it was painstakingly fashioned, facet by facet into the beautiful piece you see today. This is a very special and very rare piece of nature.

Gemstone Reports And Certification

This gemstone has several reports prepared for it by a GIA Gemologist and these reports are shipped with it.

Gemstone Grading Certificate

This certificate is a full and detailed grading report utilizing the Gemological Institute of America Grading system.

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Personalized History and Registration Report

 View and Print the History Report

This report has been prepared by a GIA Gemologist at Lapigems Gem Company. All gemological tests were performed using current techniques and using current gemological equipment. The gemstone here reported is certified and this report, combined with the printed photo-certificate constitutes a thorough certification of this gemstone from mine to private owner.

Private Ownership Registration
Registered on worldwide gemstone registration service. Registration information only available by password to account holder.

If you purchase this gemstone, full ownership registration and this history information will be stored in your account as a personalized Gem History & Ownership Report

Quality Report

Color - 4
Clarity - 4
Cut - 4
Rarity - 4

How are these quality allocations reached?

Color Clarity Cut Rarity

Gemstone Grading Report

The gemstone here described has been identified as a natural gemstone and has the following description :

Description : Faceted African Tsavorite
Weight : 1.82 carats
Shape : Cushion
GIA Color Grade : G 6/5more info
GIA Clarity Grade : VVSmore info
Species : Grossularite Garnet
Variety : Tsavorite
Refractive Index : 1.743
Cause of Color : Vanadium
Specific Gravity : 3.61
Optic Character : SR
Crystal System : Cubic / Isometric
Treatments : None
Country of Origin : Kenya, East Africa

Mining Report

Date Mined : 27th February 2007
Mining Location : Tsavo, Taita District, Kenya
Type of Source : Primary
Mining Method : Open Cast
Host Rock : Graphite Gneiss / Crystalline limestone
Chemical Composition of rough : Calcium Alluminium Silicate

Gemological Testing Methodology

Gemological Tests performed on this gemstone by a GIA Gemologist include but are not limited to:

Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, Pleochroism, Polariscope to ascertain Optic Character, Spectroscope to ascertain spectrum, Magnification with GIA Microscope using darkfield lighting, Chelsea Filter, Ultraviolet Flourescence.

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