Integrity and Ethics

Rare African Gemstone Specialists

Initially incorporated as a mining company in 1974, we have been involved in all facets of the colored gemstone trade in our many years active in the industry.

Since 1974, when we mined Sapphires in the wilderness in Northern Kenya, we have been passionate about colored gemstones and this wild, beautiful part of the world that produces so many rare and exciting stones.

Today, we are a vertically integrated company involved in almost every step of a gemstone's journey from mine to jewelry. We maintain close links with the majority of miners in this part of the world, drawing on our many years experience in the field. When there is new production of fine material we know about it and we get first choice in most cases. We specialize in the top 1% of gems that come out of the mines- when a miner finds a very fine piece we are usually the first port of call.

Mining, Cutting, Designing and Setting

We are involved in every step. Liasing with miners, we offer a free testing service to help artisanal miners identify any new deposits they discover. We are always on the lookout for new deposits and discoveries and are in constant contact with the majority of miners in the region.

We purchase the finest rough directly from the mines. We then cut, polish, test and grade every piece in house using the very latest gemological equipment and techniques. We have GIA Gemologists, Master Gem Cutters, Jewelery Designers and Master Goldsmiths on our staff and every stage is undertaken with utmost professionalism.

We are gemologists, not traders. This is what sets us apart from the profusion of online gem trading companies and start ups. We know gemstones and the gem trade from the bottom of the supply chain to the top. We have worked and operated in virtually every sphere and our roots go back 2 generations.

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