5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection

5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection

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5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection
Emerald Cut
6.11 carats

5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection
Emerald Cut
7.55 carats



What some of our past clients said :

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your company! I ordered my Aquamarine on Sunday, the order was filled on Monday, shipped on Tuesday, promised to arrive on Friday, but got here on Thursday. The presentation was excellent. It is nice to know that something that was special to me was not just dropped in an envelope and stuffed in a box. I took the Aquamarine to the jeweler today to see if it would fit the setting I had chosen, it is a perfect fit. The jeweler I selected is the only GIA certified jeweler in Salem. He verified the Aquamarine was as represented, and felt that I had received exactly what I was promised. The stone is being set next week and the ring will be presented next Saturday. I plan on wrapping the ring back in the original packing the stone arrived in. Thank you for your excellent service, quality product and genuine concern for a very satisfied customer. If you ever get a request for a reference from anyone in my area, or any area, please feel free to give them my email address and I will gladly share my experience with them. Thank you very much.


Gordon, Salem, Oregon 


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5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection


Fine African Aquamarine

A Selection of the Finest African Aquamarines

Lapigems Gem Company has had a great deal of experience with Aquamarine, particularly in the mid 1980's when we owned and operated our Aquamarine mine in the Meru district of Kenya producing some of the world's best and most acclaimed Aquamarine (See our Aquamarine Mine in our History Timeline) .

Aquamarine for Sale

On the right of the screen you will find today's featured Aquamarines. Click on any of these to see them in full detail or use our search facility below to search our Aquamarine stock.

Santa Maria Afrique

Recently, some of the world's finest Aquamarine was discovered in nearby Mozambique. These stones rivalled the colors of the famous Santa Maria Aquamarine from Brazil, long recognized as the pinnacle of Aquamarine color. These stunning Aquas from Mozambique have been named Santa Maria Afrique after their Brazilian counterparts. Lapigems Gem Company is working with several miners in Mozambique and we offer some superb pieces here, recently mined.

Shop our Aquamarines with Confidence

With a 20 year history mining, cutting and exporting Aquamarine worldwide, you can shop with us with full confidence. We support every sale with our hard earned reputation and will stand by our quality. That is why we give you 10 days to examine any stone you buy from us with full right of return if it is not to your full satisfaction. See our Global Return Policy on our Customer Service page) .

Meanwhile shop with confidence for the Aquamarine of your dreams!

Alternatively, if you are interested in collector's pieces, have a look in our Collector's Gallery.

5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection
5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection OUR PRIVATE AQUAMARINE COLLECTION

Our Aquamarine Collection consists of the very finest quality stones. We specialize in truly fine pieces and being based at the source, we use 30+ years as specialists in this field to bring you an unparalleled collection of exquisite fine Aquamarines.

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   5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection

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5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection
Faceted African Aquamarine
Aquamarine Emerald Cut, 6.11 carats
Faceted African Aquamarine
Aquamarine Asscher, 5.79 carats
Faceted African Aquamarine
Aquamarine Emerald Cut, 7.55 carats

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5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection
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5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection

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5 - 10 Carat Aquamarine Collection


Aquamarine Jewelry

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