Focus on Aquamarine – One of the world’s Favorite Gemstones

The name ‘Aquamarine’ is derived from Latin; Aqua meaning ‘water’ and Mare meaning ‘sea’. The fascinating stone can be found in various blue tones, ranging from sky blue to a deep sea blue. It can also be found in a greenish blue tone. To determine a more valuable aquamarine, the secret is to check for a more intense and purer blue color.

Recently, some of the world's finest Aquamarine was discovered in nearby Mozambique. These stones rival the colors of the famous Santa Maria Aquamarine from Brazil, long recognized as the pinnacle of Aquamarine color. These stunning Aquas from Mozambique have been named Santa Maria Afrique after their Brazilian counterparts.  

Kenya and Tanzania also produce some beautiful Aquamarine; generally not the depth of color of the Brazilian or Mozambiquean stones but a stunning blue nonetheless with attractive hints of green. Some recently cut pieces can be seen here.

Lapigems Gem Company made a short video showing Artisanal Mining in Kenya. 

According to legend, the King of the Sea – Neptune, gave mermaids Aquamarines as gifts, thus bringing love to all who owned it. Another myth maintains that Aquamarine originated in the mermaids’ treasure chest and that is why it is considered the sailors’ good luck charm, guaranteeing them a safe voyage. Indeed, the stunning light blues and blue-greens of Aquamarine are strongly reminiscent of the ocean. These lovely colors tend to arouse a variety of emotions such as harmony, trust, sympathy and friendship. 

The precious stone was for a very long time thought to have a peaceful influence on married couples. Old traditions state that wearing aquamarine promises a happy marriage. It is also said that the precious gem brings joy and wealth to any woman who wears it. So next time you are thinking of a good anniversary gift, think Aquamarine!

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