Tanzanite Sales Strong Despite Market Turmoil

Watching the news and reading the papers has become a depressing experience this past few months as we bear witness to a litany of pressures on the financial system. Gold has hit a record high of $1700 per ounce and the Swiss Franc has been strengthening rapidly as people rush for perceived safe havens. It is perhaps as a result of this that Tanzanite sales have continued to rise through this period – it is increasingly being viewed as a “safe haven” tangible asset.

TanzaniteOne, the largest miner of the beautiful blue gemstone has just published very strong second quarter results showing a marked increase in both production and sales. This is the second quarter in a row showing strong growth. The first quarter of 2011 reported production of 609,737 carats of tanzanite, representing a year on year increase of 8 percent. Sales in contrast, rose 48 percent. In the second quarter, they reported a further 57 percent increase in sales on quarter 1.

This increase may also have something to do with China’s growing love affair with the stone. In the past two years, we have noticed a marked increase in the number of Chinese buyers in the local market. This could prove good news for investors in Tanzanite, holding fine pieces. An ever-growing market in the East will only serve to bolster already high demand in the West, which should continue to have a strong impact on value.

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