Tanzanite Selection and Sorting

Tanzanites in our online collection are cherry-picked from many thousands of carats that we see each month. We are incredibly selective in this regard and stones have to be of the very finest pedigree in order to qualify for the collection. This month, we have been privileged to see much of the mines’ production and from 1020 carats of cut pieces we selected 10 only for our online collection. This gives a good idea of the rarity of the very finest Tanzanites.The picture below shows a typical parcel after cutting. 

Perhaps one piece from here may make the grade for our online collection. The rest will be sold on to manufacturers.

Sorting takes into account many factors but color grade is the principal one in defining a Tanzanite’s quality. Highly intense, deep color saturations are rare, especially in small stones and we seek these out voraciously. However, clearly a fine color is not everything and clarity is important, as Tanzanite is classified as a Type 1 gemstone by the GIA, and as such is expected to be high clarity. All the pieces in our collection are flawless. Lastly, cut is vital, as it is responsible for relaying the beauty of the stone to the eye. Poor cuts are not acceptable.  

Stone sorters at Lapigems have over 100 years of experience between them and use their deep understanding of gem qualities to select out the very finest for Lapigems members.    

Lapigems Gem Company
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