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What is the meaning of “Something Blue” 




We have all heard the saying “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…”


Originally it started as a superstition in England around 1876, taken from an old English rhyme whereby a bride would wear charms as tokens of good luck, good fortune and to ward off evil. The full rhyme reads: 

There is very little known information regarding its exact origin, but it is believed to have come from a compilation of British folklore. There are varying regional forms of the rhyme, two well known versions are from the county of Lancashire as above and one from Leicestershire whereby the first line “Something Old” is omitted.

Traditionally the bride would collect or be given items/charms to represent each line of the verse. They would often be heirlooms or family treasures handed down through the generations. In order for the bride to receive the full fortune she would need to wear these charms on her wedding day.

Each line of the rhyme had a different representation.

Something Old – Represented family continuity and protection for the baby to come.

Something New - Represented the union of new family members and the optimism of a fresh life.

Something Borrowed – Symbolized another happy bride and offered optimism and good luck for the couple’s future.

Something Blue – Stood for purity, love and fidelity.

A Silver Sixpence In Your Shoe – (an old silver English coin) was a wish for good fortune and prosperity. It would also ward off any evil from any frustrated suitors.

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Nowadays this has mostly become a charming ritual that many people from around the world have incorporated into their wedding day. Most of original meanings/representation are still there, but the full superstition behind them is not as strong. The Silver Sixpence has now mostly been dropped and is generally more of a British or other Commonwealth custom.

But why the color blue?

Blue has always be a color connected to weddings for centuries. In Christianity blue is the color of purity, and the Virgin Mary is often shown wearing blue robes. Traditionally back in the day, brides never wore white, mostly blue hence the old proverb “Marry in Blue, lover be true”…

Incorporate Blue Into Your Special Day By Using Jewelry.

 It is becoming increasingly popular to incorporate blue into the wedding with jewelry.

  • It is also a very clever way to bring in other parts of the tradition too, by wearing some old, new or borrowed blue jewelry.  Wear old family jewelry heirlooms or start your own new traditions with some stunning new pieces that you know you would like to pass down.
  • Engagement rings – colored gemstone engagement rings are now becoming increasingly popular.
  • Mothers and fathers of the bride and groom can also be incorporated into this too, by wearing blue gemstone pieces.
  • Jewelry Gifts
    • The groom could give his new bride a stunning new pendant and/or earrings                  featuring blue gems to wear on the day.
    • The bride could give her husband to be some new cufflinks featuring blue gems. 
    • Bridesmaids could be given blue gemstone jewelry as gifts from the bride to be worn at the wedding.
    • Grooms men could be give blue gemstone cufflinks as gifts from the groom to be worn at the wedding.

Prince Harry gave Meghan Merkal this beautiful Aquamarine Ring as a wedding gift.

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There are a number of beautiful blue colored gemstones that would work wonderfully in wedding jewelry. Tanzanite, Aquamarine and Sapphire are the more know blue gems. On their own or combined with Diamonds make sensational wedding jewelry.


Blue Gemstone Engagement Rings

The most famous blue engagement ring is that sensational Sapphire and Diamond ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, (Kate Middleton).  Originally, worn by Princess Diana and given to Kate when Prince William proposed in 2010.

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The most famous blue engagement ring is that sensational Sapphire and Diamond ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, (Kate Middleton).  Originally, worn by Princess Diana and given to Kate when Prince William proposed in 2010.

Liz Hurley and Penelope Cruz – Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings

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Blue Gemstone Wedding Jewelry

Earrings, Pendants and Cufflinks can feature gorgeous blue gemstones. Given as gifts or worn by the main wedding party this will add an extra special “something blue” to your magical day.

From classic simple studs to something more …

 From elegant solitaires to something more dramatic…

Gemstone cufflinks ...


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