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Gemstone Details

ID # : TSVC1545
Gem Type : Faceted African Tsavorite
Gem Weight : 4.14 carats
Gem Shape : Cushion
Gem Dimensions : 9.33 x 8.56 x 5.98 mm
Length / Width / Depth
Important: The most accurate way to judge a gemstone's physical size is by using its dimensions NOT by carat weight as different gem types have different densities. These are listed in millimeters above.
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Gemstone Price

Price : US$18,630.00

Cushion Tsavorite Gemstone 4.14 Carats Cushion Tsavorite Gemstone 4.14 Carats

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Quality Report

Color - 4
Clarity - 4
Cut - 4
Rarity - 4

How are these quality allocations reached?

Color Clarity Cut Rarity

Grading Report - Utilizing the GIA Grading System

GIA Color Grade : vslyG 6/6 more info
GIA Clarity Grade : VVS more info
Clarity survey : Flawless except for some minute crystals only visible with microscope. more info
Treatments : None more info
Gemologist's Remarks : This gem type is characterized by smaller sized stones. 4 carats is considered large and are rarely seen in the market in this grade.

Gemstone Reports And Certification

Several Gemological Reports are provided with this gemstone

Gemological Grading Certificate

This Grading Certificate is professionally compiled by a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Graduate Gemologist utilizing the GIA Grading system

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Professional Appraisal

Designed for insurance purposes at retail replacement value.

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 Appraisal terms and conditions

Mining & Geology Report

A detailed report showing the "genealogy, geology, mining and origin details of this specific gemstone"

 View the Mining & Geology Report

Special Features

Extremely Rare Exceptional 4.14 Carat Tsavorite Cushion

Whilst Tsavorite is found in both Kenya and Tanzania, the very finest Tsavorites are still found in the original deposits based in the Tsavo district of Kenya. Their colors are a purer, unadulterated green hue whilst their Tanzanian counterparts tend to have a strong yellow modifier.

Well they don't come better or rarer than this. At 4.14 carats and exceptional quality, this exciting Tsavorite is extremely rare. When you consider that even a 2 carat Tsavorite of this grade is very rarely mined, then it helps understand how rare a 4+ carater is. This wonderful stone literally glows with green fire. Beautifully cut and proportioned, top clarity and simply beautiful. Whether you are a collector looking for an exceptional Tsavorite in a larger size or searching for a stunning Tsavorite for a piece of fine jewelry, then look no further.

Our Award Winning Features

 Cushion Tsavorite Gemstone 4.14 Carats

 Cushion Tsavorite Gemstone 4.14 Carats

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