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Log of RUBC136 on completion of cutting
Cut Shape : Oval


Video Log of RUBC136 on completion of cutting

HD VIDEO taken in Natural North Daylight (approx 5500 Kelvin). This movie has been professionally videoed and is of the actual piece represented.
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Log of RUBC136 in its rough state

Rough Image

ID # RUBC136

Geological History

This stunning ruby hails from the Gemfields mine in Mozambique. The Gemfields Montepuez Ruby Mining Project is located in the Montepuez District of the Cabo Delgado province, Mozambique. The Montepuez ruby deposit is the most significant recently discovered ruby deposit in the world. The highlands of Northern Mozambique are dominated by a Precambrian basement section of the well-known Mozambique Belt that extends up north to the Mediterranean. In its basement, large regions were metamorphosed at high temperature and high pressure during the Pan-African tectonic event, 800 to 550 million years ago, creating suitable conditions for the formation of gemstones. Deposits of the Pan-African Orogeny are much older than the Himalayan range gem deposits (e.g. Myanmar rubies) that are only 40 million years old. As such, this stunning ruby is an ancient and beautiful gemstone. Gemfields PLC, a world-class producer of responsibly sourced rare coloured gemstones, reached an agreement with Mwiriti Limitada in 2011 to acquire a 75% controlling interest in a joint venture company, Montepuez Ruby Mining Limitada (MRM). MRM received a 25-year mining and exploration licence from the Mozambique Government in November 2011 covering an area of 33,600 hectares. Gemfields is responsibly and transparently engaged in mining and marketing of rubies obtained from its concession. Since commencement of its operations in 2011, MRM has made a total Investment US$ 70 million in the project and has contributed an amount of US$ 55.3 Million to Government exchequer in the form of Taxes & Royalties, till December 2016. Lapigems is proud to be a nominated seller of Gemfields rubies.

Gemstone Reports And Certification

This gemstone has several reports prepared for it by a GIA Gemologist and these reports are shipped with it.

Gemstone Grading Certificate

This certificate is a full and detailed grading report utilizing the Gemological Institute of America Grading system.

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Mining & Geology Report

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This report has been prepared by a GIA Gemologist at Lapigems Gem Company. All gemological tests were performed using current techniques and using current gemological equipment. The gemstone here reported is certified and this report, combined with the printed photo-certificate constitutes a thorough certification of this gemstone from mine to private owner.

Private Ownership Registration
Registered on worldwide gemstone registration service. Registration information only available by password to account holder.

If you purchase this gemstone, full ownership registration and this history information will be stored in your account as a personalized Gem History & Ownership Report

Quality Report

Color - 4
Clarity - 4
Cut - 3.5
Rarity - 4

How are these quality allocations reached?

Color Clarity Cut Rarity

Gemstone Grading Report

The gemstone here described has been identified as a natural gemstone and has the following description :

Description : Faceted African Ruby
Weight : 1.59 carats
Shape : Oval
GIA Color Grade : R 6/6more info
GIA Clarity Grade : VVSmore info
Species : Corundum
Variety : Ruby
Refractive Index : 1.76
Cause of Color : Chromium
Specific Gravity : 4.00
Optic Character : DR Unixial -
Crystal System : Trigonal
Treatments : None
Country of Origin : Mozambique, Africa

Mining Report

Date Mined : 20th December, 2017
Mining Location : Montepuez, Mozambique
Explore the Mining Location : MAP | SATELLITE | TERRAIN
Type of Source : Secondary Alluvial
Mining Method : Open Cast
Host Rock : Serpentine
Chemical Composition of rough : Aluminium Oxide

Gemological Testing Methodology

Gemological Tests performed on this gemstone by a GIA Gemologist include but are not limited to:

Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, Pleochroism, Polariscope to ascertain Optic Character, Spectroscope to ascertain spectrum, Magnification with GIA Microscope using darkfield lighting, Chelsea Filter, Ultraviolet Flourescence.

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