"Tanzanite is the most exciting gemstone discovery in over 2000 years" - President, Tiffany & Company, New York

Tanzanite specialists, experts in finest Tanzanite loose stones Tanzanite for investment from the Tanzanite specialists

Tanzanite specialists, experts in finest Tanzanite loose stones

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"Superb Tanzanite"
Tanzanite for investment from the Tanzanite specialists
"Definitely one of the best sites ever for fine Tanzanite"
Tanzanite specialists, experts in finest Tanzanite loose stones
"Tanzanite and more Tanzanite - all the gems I have bought from you are mesmerising"
Tanzanite for investment from the Tanzanite specialists
"Thank you for my beautiful Tanzanite - it is gorgeous"
Tanzanite specialists, experts in finest Tanzanite loose stones
"I have never seen such a beautiful Tanzanite . it will be our family heirloom. Thank you."
Tanzanite for investment from the Tanzanite specialists
"Yours is a 'must-see' site for Tanzanite lovers, especially people like me who love AAA Tanzanite. I love the direct link to the source."
Tanzanite specialists, experts in finest Tanzanite loose stones
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Tanzanite Collection

Tanzanite for investment from the Tanzanite specialists

Based at the source of one of the world’s most exciting gem producing areas we are in the enviable position to be able to select out the very best rough crystals as they come out of the mines. With our 30+ years in the industry, in-house cutting center and master cutters, close connections with mine owners in East Africa and long experience running colored stone mines, we offer a vertically integrated service from the mine to the end consumer bypassing the established old chain of distribution and its many built in markups. This is why we can offer such exquisite, fine, selected gemstones to you at such an exceptional price. We specialize in Tanzanite, Fancy Tanzanite, Tsavorite, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Rhodolite Garnet, Fancy Sapphire, Malaia Garnet; all rare and much sought after gemstones. Of these stones, Tanzanite and Tsavorite have become two of the world’s most respected, rare and coveted gemstones. We only deal in the very top 1% of Tanzanite and Tsavorite produced from the mines and our extensive network of miners provide us with the opportunity to have first viewing and selection of all new strikes and production from the Tanzanite and Tsavorite mines.

If you were to ask any connoisseur of gemstones, they will tell you that Tanzanite is becoming one of the most desired gemstones in the USA. A similar trend seems to be manifesting itself in Europe too. Designers, collectors and Tanzanite jewelry manufacturers are very much aware that with only one source in Tanzania, prices are very much at the mercy of low supply and high demand. In fact, we have seen Tanzanite prices more than double within the last two years. It is Tanzanite's color and relative scarcity coupled with its massive and continually rising demand which has caused these dramatic price fluctuations. It is also what makes Tanzanite such a touted investment gemstone. With the current supply of Tanzanite diminishing, prices are expected to continue to increase over time. In fact, many projections indicate that some day Tanzanite could be the most expensive gemstone on earth. The opportunity exists today to purchase Tanzanite relatively inexpensively especially when compared to the prices of fine rubies, sapphires and emeralds which can price into the tens of thousands per carat. Also, with the expectation that Tanzanite will run out within our lifetimes, it is the perfect heirloom – the only way to possess a Tanzanite in the next generation will be to inherit it. Similarly, it is being marketed as the gemstone of choice at the birth of your first child – the “Be Born to Tanzanite” slogan by Tanzanite One, is fast becoming a well established marketing ploy and one that is partly driving the popularity of Tanzanite.

It is impossible to tell where the prices of Tanzanite will go in the future. However, it is noteworthy that the production mix of Tanzanite has dramatically changed in the past few years and production of the finest material has declined by 80%. This is the so-called Tanzanite investment grade. Tanzanite prices continue to rise for this material, whereas the market for medium grade pieces is stable. Extra fine goods are now very scarce. These are the quality of Tanzanite we specialise in. 


The active production life of the Tanzanite deposits is now estimated at less than 10 years. Demand is currently stable and rising as designers and manufacturers continue to work with and promote the stone. Only time will tell where Tanzanite prices will go from here. Much speculation sees them rising in tandem with increasingly smaller supply, especially for the very fine pieces which are already very scarce


So if you are looking for a top grade Tanzanite, Tsavorite (or Tsavorite jewelry) or gemstone of extreme rarity from our part of the world, here in East Africa, please make use of our extensive resources in the industry to obtain your dream stone. Our award winning website is at your service, as are our GIA in staff gemologists. Enjoy!

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