Integrity and Ethics


We have been in business since 1974 and our reputation in the industry speaks for itself. However, for those not familiar with the industry and the players within it, we felt it necessary to highlight some of the measures we have taken to establish our admireable credentials in terms of integrity and ethics. We remain fully committed to the highest standards of professionalism in this industry that we love.

ICA MEMBER since 1991.

The International Colored Gemstone Association is the world's largest. Established in 1985 to promote the colored gemstone trade and develop a common code of ethics for its members. We have been a member since 1991, almost since the organization's inception. The ICA has developed one of the most all encompassing codes of ethics in the industry and members are bound by them. A full Grievance Committee and Arbitration Committee sits to investigate any breach of ethics. As a long standing member we are fully committed to this code.

ICA Code of Ethics - read more here

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We are fully "trusted" by Verisign. Verisign is one of the world's leading security and trust establishment companies. to earn the Verisign Trusted Seal our company credentials had to be fullly verified by a specialist firm called CIS Global and our reputation checked. Our credit rating and general standing in the industry were verified. We underwent this scrutiny to add an extra layer of confidence. Verisign also runs a full grievance arbitration system. Click here to verify our Verisign standing.


The Kenya Chamber of Mines is the local body committed to regulating the industry, ensuring that the industry adheres to high standards of integrity, environmental standards and obeys the tenets of fair trade. It also has a strict code of ethics which it enforces with alacrity. We are a fully committed member.

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We aspire to the highest levels of professionalism in the industry. As such, we ensure that our gemologists are the best trained. To verify our Chief Gemologist's credentials on the GIA site click here.


Perhaps one of the best ways to guage a company's worth is to listen to what past clients have said about it.

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