Tsavorite Pendant - Front View
Tsavorite Pendant

Pendant Details

Item ID # : LSSP147
Metal Type : 18k White Gold
Metal Finish : High Polish
Metal Weight : 2.27 Grams
Make : Master Goldsmith

Tsavorite Pendant - Tsavorite Pendant Set in 18k White Gold Tsavorite Pendant - Tsavorite Pendant Set in 18k White Gold

Tsavorite Pendant - Front View
Tsavorite Pendant - Side View
Tsavorite Pendant - Side View

I have been waiting a long time for a gorgeous 2+ carat Tsavorite pear shape to make this pendant, and here it is! Such size in Tsavorite exudes rarity and prestige that I wanted to keep the pendant uncomplicated to maximize the beauty of this exquisite stone. An equally stunning round Tsavorite in the bale intensifies the overall aura of this astounding piece.

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Price : US$3,985.00

This pendant has been photographed on a chain. Please note chain is NOT included.

Gemological Specifications of the Gemstones in this Jewelry Piece

1. Center Stone

Gorgeous, Intense, Mesmerizing, Rare. I could keep adding adjectives but it still wouldn't do this beautiful, rare Tsavorite justice. Tsavorites in the finest grades in 2+ carat sizes are an extreme rarity as most Tsavorite mined is very small and generally included due to the harsh geology of the formation. That is why very fine 2 caraters like this one are so exciting.

Gem Type : Tsavorite
Species : Grossularite Garnet

Shape : Pear
Weight : 2.19 carats
Dimensions : 10.01 x 6.63 x 4.52 mm

GIA Color Grade : slbG 6/5 more info
GIA Clarity Grade : VVS more info
Clarity Survey : Flawless - except for some small crystal which are not eye visible. more info

Treatments / Enhancements : None more info
Origins : Kenya, East Africa

Quality Graph
Color - 4
Clarity - 4
Cut - 4
Rarity - 4
How are these quality allocations reached?

Color Clarity Cut Rarity
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2. Sidestones

Tsavorite Round, 0.13 cts. GIA Color Grade: slbG 6/5; GIA Clarity Grade: VVS; Dimensions: 2.92 x 2.92 2.05 mm; Treatments: None